Hamilton Parish Surnames L, M, N, O


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Cemetery Name   
Number of Graves 
Known Burials
Reported to County  
Operational X-Ref Inv #
Lakota Cemetery  (Military Burials)    12  MIlitary Burials from Civil War Yes 45
Brooks- Brown- Jones - Lanier 30+ Brooks, Brown, Jones and Lanier Family membersYes 66
 Laws - Fitzhugh Cemetery nr Catlett 56  Laws, and Fitzhugh Families and some military along old road bed.  Yes 48
Lawyers Rest Cemetery nr. Midland  42 +  Unknown families pending research Yes  70
Smith- Bell Cemetery            45  Smith, Bell, Lewis Families  not yet  142
Slave & Free Negro Cemetery Lee - Waite Estates   85  Slave & Free Negro Cemetery from the Lee and Waite Estates names unknown Yes  77
 Lees @ Greenview   5 Lee Family   Yes
French - Lewis Cemetery    23 Family graveyard at Turnbull, French, Lewis, Collins family members. Yes149
 Lomax Cemetery @ Peters Farm 6 Lomax Family  Yes 32
Marks Cemetery nr. Catlett 57 Marks Cemetery nr. Catlett Yes 98
**Martin - Bowen Cemetery 10+ Martin and Bowen Families  Yes - DB 40
McConkie Cemetery unknown McConkie Family Yes 54
Stephen McCormick
  13  McCormick family Yes 116
MT Horeb Methodist Church Cemetery - Abandoned   25+ abandoned graves in yard behind and beside church building No 83
 Nalle - Hooe Cemetery    5 Nalle  and Hooe Families Yes - DB 50
 Withers,  Nelson, and Ficklin Cemetery  65  Withers,  Nelson, and Ficklin Family Members Yes 58
  Newhouse Cemetery  15 Newhouse Family Yes 17
 Oliver Cemetery  25 Oliver Family Yes - DB 52
 Quisenberry Farm  – Stovin-Catlett Cemetery, and First Rhode Island Cavalry Union Burials  86 Federal Burials - Pvt Owens - Stovin Family Yes  124

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**  -  Notes on "Protected status" list. 
DB - Notes is recorded separate parcel

Updated 4/10/2019