Hamilton Parish Surnames PQ


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Cemetery Name   
Number of Graves 
Known Burials
Reported to County  
Operational X-Ref Inv #
 Quisenberry – Stovin-Catlett Plantation Cemetery, and Pvt Owens

 86 Federal Burials   First Rhode Island Cavalry - Stovin Family Yes 124
 Dulaney- Payne Cemetery 12 Payne and Dulaney Family Yes - DB       9 ** 
  Kelly - Payne @ Weavers Farm   20+ Kelly, Payne, and Allen Families Yes - DB   15 
 Robert Payne Graveyard 6 Payne and Freeman Family Yes 20
Payne - Cornwell Cemetery @ WInters Retreat        8Payne and Cornwell Family Members Yes - Easement25 **
 Payne Cemetery at Bristerburg 9 Payne Family Yes 84
 George - Payne Cemetery  6 George and Payne Families Yes 57
 Peters - Bowen Cemetery 15 Peters and Bowen Families Yes 33
 Peters Cemetery 3 Whitfield Peters     Yes 34
 Peters Cemetery @ Cherry Tree Lane 26 Peters Family  Yes 19
 Boteler - Peters Cemetery     19  Boteler and Peters Family Yes  93
 Pinn Cemetery @ North Wales 86 Pinn Family and other unknown African American families nr North Wales Yes - DB 95
 Primm Cemetery  250 Primm and others outside of brick wall a appears to be either Salve or community graveyard.  Yes 78

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**  -  Notes on "Protected status" list. 
DB - Notes is recorded separate parcel

Updated 8/15/2015