Hamilton Parish Surnames W, X, Y, Z


Surname begins with 

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Cemetery Name   
Number of Graves 
Known Burials
Reported to County  
Operational X-Ref Inv #
Waite Cemetery  12 Waite Family - Oldest Inscribed stone Yes  94
Slave & Free Negro Cemetery Lee - Waite Estates  85 Slave & Free Negro Cemetery from the Lee and Waite Estates names unknown Yes  77

Washington - Ashton Cemetery nr. Opal
  6+ Washington and Ashton Families  Yes  1
Webster Washington 
 25 Webster and Washington Families Yes 86 
Wheatley - Jameson at  Belle Coil Farm 7+  Wheatley - Jameson Family Yes 3
Withers,  Nelson, and Ficklin Cemetery   65  Withers,  Nelson, and Ficklin Family Members   Yes 58
Slave Graveyard – Withers Farm on LickingRun 30+ Slaves from the Withers Estate and others pre 1861 Yes 76
Whitfield Cemetery 12 Whitfield Family Yes 87
Hite - Whiting Cemetery  26 Hite and Whiting Family Members Yes   123
Eastham - Woodside Cemetery 66 Eastham and Woodside families Yes - DB   74
Wright-James Cemetery 1000 Wright James Doc Yes 108

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DB - Notes is recorded separate parcel

Updated 8/15/2015