Leeds Parrish P, Q

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Cemetery Name   
Number of Graves 
Known Burials
Reported to County  
Operational X-Ref Inv #
Hackley / Payne
Hackly and Payne Families
  In process  
Payne, Vig Cemetery 18 Payne, Wilson, and Herrell Yes     NF-1
Payne Cemetery @Granville Farm     70 +     Payne, Meredith, and Hooe     In process     NF- 64
Payne Cemetery @ Southwood   Pending Research No NF-22
Payne, B Scott Cemetery    Benjamin Scott Payne and family members Pending Research No NF-15
Payne,  Francis Cemetery   Francis Payne and family members Pending Research No NF-12
Payne, James  Cemetery @ Soldiers Rest   James Payne and family members - Mrs Meyrs Yes NF18
Payne, John W - Russell Cemetery nr Orlean 20 John W, Payne and  Russell family members Pending Research Yes - DB NF-24
Payne, Thornton  Cemetery @ Cabin Branch -  Thornton Payne and family members Pending Research No NF4
Poor House Cemetery Overgrown not field surveyed Formerly a County Cemetery now on Private land Yes  NF-14

Note this list remains under construction as time permits.  

**  -  Notes on "Protected status" list. 
DB - Notes is recorded separate parcel

Updated 8/16/2015