Leeds Parrish R, S,

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Cemetery Name   
Number of Graves 
Known Burials
Reported to County  
Operational X-Ref Inv #
Payne, John W - Russell Cemetery nr Orlean   20 John W, Payne and  Russell family members  Yes - DB  NF-24
Addams-Rowe @ Galliean Fishermen Tees Cemetery    Addams and Rowe Families - Pending Research  No   NF-30
Oakwood Aka Scott-Lee Cemetery    Lee and Scott Families Pending Research  No NF-42
Burk - Shaw Cemetery 27  Burk and Shaw families  Pending Research  No NF-37
"Alton Farm" Cemetery     58 +     Smith, Cockrill, Blackwell, Hunton, Nutt, Utterback, Foote, Lee, Fletcher and allied other families yes     NF-7
Adams-Morgan-Smith Cemetery nr Pleasant Vale 
Adams-Morgan-Smithnot yetNF-58
Strother/ Green Cemetery     34 +             Strother, Green, Iden, Childs, Templeman and Bolen  in process NF-48
Stribling, Robert- Slave Grave yard     32 Robert Stribling slaves pre-1860 in process NF-56


Updated 8/15/2015