Family Cemetery Project

View the cemetery calendar.
We need your help to identify all the family cemeteries and burial sites in Fauquier County.

Has your cemetery been identified? Check the County website.Click here to County GIS.

  • Click on the Search by Address Tab on the far right.
  • Enter your parcel address and look for the little red cross.
  • If you do not see any crosses clik on the Data Layers Tab
  • Scan down the list to Cemeteries make sure the the block is checked.
  • Hit Refresh the map.

If your cemetery still is not showing, then it has not been reported yet.

Please email us and we will add you to our list to schedule a time to come and visit your site.

Or you can Register Your Cemetery Today!

To download Instructions and Forms for the Fauquier County Cemetery Registration Program on GIS: Click here

To go to our Cemetery Research Report site which is under construction Click here