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The Fauquier Family Cemetery Foundation Inc., hereafter referred to as FFCF or the Foundation is organized exclusively for the purpose to research, document, preserve, and maintain family cemeteries located outside church or other public control in Fauquier County. The Foundation will also Maintain and solicit funds for use in perpetually maintaining family cemeteries in Fauquier County, VA, as a 501(c)(13) tax exempt corporation.

Research Center


Our goal is to identify and have a photo of every possible family cemetery in Fauquier County some day. A major task. We have about 350 visited so far, and as the website is loaded you will be able to see some of the names we have visited. If you have a cemetery on your property, or your family cemetery is in Fauquier County, please let us know about it and we will put it on our task list of sites to visit if we have not been there yet  .E-mail us the information.

Preservation in Action 

August 2017

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Join us next fall as we
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 Inventory of Burials updated as of July 28, 2015

This is an on going list, as we find a cemetery and obtain information on the burials within the cemetery we hope to add them to this list for researchers and genealogist.  It will never be complete, but always growing.  If you have questions relating to an individual on the list or a burial site. Please send us an e-mail and we will see how we can help you.  
Our primary goal is to preserve the graves.  Use the Master List of Burials Link to open the spread sheet.

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Cemetery NameDescription of Work to PreformProposed Work DateResolution
Cemetery NameDescription of Work to PreformProposed Work DateResolution
Warrenton Cemetery - Wm & Marie gray Tombstone Obtain Repair  Approved by Town - Heflin Monument has Contract.= Repaired August 2016 Completed 
Warrenton Cemetery Second treatment - Spray for cleaning the Carter & Scott Tombstones for the Family April 2016, July 2016 Completed 
Kelley-Payne Cemetery Cut underbrush, clean up fallen trees, and remove briers / Re- Inspect for condition  February/March, 2017 Completed 
SCV stones and monuments Marshall Cemetery Work with SCV members to clean and maintain confederate memorials July 17th 4 PM Completed 
NewHouse Cemetery Opal Spray and cut June 2017 /April 2016  Completed 
Dowman Cemetery - Kings Hill Rd Clean and grub up honey suckle, remove dead trees repair steps Liberty High School History Club March 19th, 2017 Completed 
Warrenton Cemetery Acquired 20 gallons of D-2 Biological and Black Horse Chapter UDC will reimburse us. Assist and oversee the spraying of all CSA Tombstones  March 28, 2017 @2:30 Ladies to meet and begin spraying Completed 
Nalley-Strother Cemetery Descendant sponsored- Do a full Bare earth Kill / Aug 2016 Mowed by contractor  April 2017 In Progress 
John Fox -  Spray August Pending 
Davis Cemetery Remington -  Under care of Property Owner .- Good Condition/ Re-Inspect Condition August 2017  Pending 
Armstrong Cemetery Greenwich Rd -  Weed wack Fall 2017 Pending 
Winn Cemetery Meet with land owner to set plan for winter spring clean-up Late Septmeber2017 Pending 
Foster Family Cemetery at Old Whitewood Farm  First Inspection and determination of plan  September 2017 Pending 
Hamilton Cemetery Remington -  June, needs clean-up Minor -1-hour's work - Begin Monitoring and spraying - Oct. 2016 Eagle Scott Project , Cattle fence Protection installed/ September 2017/March 2017 / Oct.15, 2016  Pending 
Moore Cemetery nr Orlean Heavy Growth and trees, will require chain says, loopers, and manpower Winter Spring 2017-18 Pending 
Showing 15 items